Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kinder Awards Assembly: Ginger

Ginger & Mrs. Hinajosa

2nd Grade Awards Assembly: Dallin

Dallin & his best-friend, Gavin George

Dallin & Mrs. Anzaldua
The 2nd Grade

3rd Grade Awards Assembly: Emma

Emma & Mrs. Molina
Emma with her classmates. Yes, she really is that much taller!
Emma on stage with her classmates receiving awards.
Mr. Limon giving Emma her trophy.
The 3rd grade students singing. Emma is always a great performer.

Field Day 2010

Dallin is in a big bouncy ball race! How fun!
Ginger and one of her good friends, Mariana Molina.

Emma with friends from her class.
Ginger in action, throwing a frisbee.

Dallin's 8th Birthday

Dallin had his 8th birthday party at the park at our local community center, Palm View. He had a sports theme and all the kids got to wear a jersey and come out and play ball! Most of the time the boys were off in the field playing soccer and football. We did organize a few contests and races. We had a basketball shooting contest, a foot race, a bike & scooter race!
And boy was it hot! The kids didn't seem to mind and just kept playing. It was a fun & active party.

Happy 8th Dallin!

Emma's 9th Birthday

Emma celebrated her 9th birthday at our neighborhood pool this year.

She invited girls from her school class, from church, from girl scouts and some neighbors.

They had tons of fun. We played games and had races in the water. The winners received water prizes, like water guns & floaties.

Happy 9th our "little" Emma. You are such a wonderful daughter & you are growing up WAY TOO FAST!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Dallin has been waiting for a brother for a long time! Now he just has to wait for him to grow-up (at least a couple of years).

Our buddies